6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Borinquen Behavorial Health Resource Center
100 NE 38th ST, Unit 5, Miami, FL, 33137

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Transgender Support Group: 100 N.E. 38 St., Unit 5
Waleska Perez or Joval Valdivia, 305-576-1599 ext. 3128 or 3113

To schedule an appointment for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Contact Rosalie Cruz at ext. 1808

Support Group Rules

  1. Be on time
    a. 1:00 PM -1:15 PM; Break -15 minute 2:45 PM – 3:00 PM (snack); End at 4:00pm
  2. No mobile phones.
  3. Do not use alcohol or drugs before attending group. If we suspect that someone is under the influence we will ask them to leave.
  4. Violent behavior or the use of violence will not be allowed at any time, under any circumstance in the group.
  5. Food will be allowed during the break only
  6. Confidentiality. Everything discussed will be treated with respect for the participants’ privacy. What is said in the group stays in the group.
  7. Respect individual choices, feelings and experiences. We share feelings and experiences just as they are. There are no right or wrong statements. The sharing that takes place is a gift to everyone in the room.
  8. Take responsibility. Each person knows what is best for them, and therefore carries the primary responsibility for their well-being during the group. If at any time you need to leave or take a break, for any reason, they are free to do so.
  9. Be supportive, appreciative and non-judgmental. Everyone’s presence is appreciated and can be a source of healing for others. No one is required to speak during the meeting. Listening is a gift, too. Silence is acceptable.
  10. Learn from each other. No individual problem solving. Individuals can learn from one another’s experiences to solve their own problems.
  11. Listen respectfully. Only one person may speak at time. Do not interrupt. When a person speaks, listen actively, with the goal of relating others experiences to your own.

The group is a safe place where you can share feelings, and obtain support, information, and encouragement. The group is broadly defined. It is…
It flows with the participants’ needs and interests, respectfully & kindly!!
Breaking these rules may result in permanent dismissal from group.